Modern Combat 5 – Tips And Tricks Beginners Should Follow

Modern Combat 5 is a first-person shooter game and the fifth installment of Modern Combat series. You can play the game individually or with your friends to flavor up your game experience. The multiplayer mode allows players to team up with their friends in order to create a squad and compete against the players of other teams. The five customizable classes are out there, and you should pick the one smartly. Try to earn skill points in order to activate the skills of your class.

Winning the battles is not as easy as you think, and that’s why making a good strategy can help you out. Also, focus on other tips and tricks to enhance your winning chances. Let’s discuss about Modern Combat 5 Mod APK and the tips that players should implement to make progress throughout the game.

  1. Set your controls

Instead of start playing the game, wait for a minute and go to the options menu in order to adjust the controls. It is a vital tip that beginners should always keep in mind before getting started. Turn on the auto-sprint option and get the super-soldier moving faster on the battlefield. Adjust the controls as per your requirements, but you should also focus on the tips provided by experts. Check whether the default controls are fine as per your needs or not and then make the adjustments.

  1. Learn about the classes

The four types of classes are available to play with. Each class has its own set of skills as well as guns, and you need to know about them. You will get access to all these classes one by one. It is crucial to know about the different classes perfectly to choose the one for getting started. First of all, you will get access to the recon class, and it is perfect for close-to-medium encounters. The assault class is capable of dealing with the enemies, whereas the heavy class uses the shotguns perfectly.

  1. Try to acquire XP

Acquiring XP helps players to get access to the different guns, gun attachments as well as other premium options. If you have XP, then you can also access the option of character customization. Always try to put your best possible efforts while accomplishing the different missions to get XP that you can use later to meet your requirements. By pulling off some trick shots, you are able to earn XP that has great importance for making progress faster.

  1. Level up faster

Every time you make progress, you will be rewarded with SP, which stands for skill points. With the help of skill points, you can make upgrades to the skills of different classes. It is little bit tricky to get skill points in the game. You just need to focus on completing certain missions as well as events to get skill points in the form of rewards. You should also try to get a promotion that also helps to get skill points which can be used to make improvements and upgrades.