Modern Combat 5 – An Exclusive Guide To Help Newbie Players

Modern Combat 5 by Gameloft has grabbed the spotlight in the gaming world due to its interesting gameplay and high-end graphics. The development of this game is bringing action and story of PC games for smartphones. Whether you are considering the single-player mode or multiplayer mode, you will definitely get new experiences. Know about the pure basics to learn the tactics to perform better during the battles. Join a squad and start taking part in battles to compete against the opponents.

The game is similar to previous installments of the Modern Combat series. Players can shoot others, aim the target, change weapons, and use other abilities. Understand the options available related to classes and then opt for one that is suitable to your play style. Improve your winning strategy with the help of the below-mentioned guide.

 Know about the weapons

Weapons are important, and you can’t ignore them while trying to make progress. Without having weapons, you can’t kill the opponents and win battles. It becomes important for beginners to know about various types of weapons available in the game. Learn about the weapons as well as their XP meter before going to taking them into use. The guns you have can also be increased in range and damage. Try to make the right use of weapons in order to kill your enemies. When you kill an enemy with a weapon, then you will be rewarded with 10 points.

In order to unlock the next gun or weapon in a particular weapon class, you need to Modern Combat 5 Hack on it in a perfect manner. Players should always try to unlock the new assault rifles, sniper rifles, and other weapons. With the help of getting these weapons, you can perform better and win battles.

Importance of experience points

Experience points are playing a vital role in the game, and you should always keep it in mind. You can earn experience points in plentiful ways that you need to check at least once. Take part in different missions as well as tasks to gain experience points that you can use later to make improvements in the game. With the help of experience points, you are able to customize your character as per your desire. While completing a mission, you should try to gain three stars to get more XP. You also have an option to replay missions for earning XP.

Many other ways are out there to earn XP that you can use later for making upgrades and also fulfill your other requirements.

Make use of an auto-shoot feature

If you are new to Modern Combat 5, then you should know about the auto-shoot feature. Take advantage of this feature to make your task easier. You just need to turn on this feature, and then you can sit back and relax. The game will automatically shoot your enemies, but you can use this tip only in the single-player mode. You should also focus on other tips for achieving a better position in the game.