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Modern Combat 5 Hack - Easiest Way To Generate Diamonds

Modern Combat 5 Hack and Game Review: One Of The Best Shooter Games!

Here is some good news for all those gamers who enjoy playing first-person shooter games. Modern Combat 5 is an engrossing game that will keep you on your toes for most of the time. There are several classes in the game and each of them has specific characteristics. Ensure that you understand them well and then choose the best class to play. Before you actually start playing the game, read the below-mentioned tips and tricks including Modern Combet 5 Cheats that will make your game simpler.

How To Earn Credits And Diamond Dust In Modern Combat 5 Game?

Credits and Diamond Dust are the two main currencies of the game. You will need them to purchase weapons and upgrade your existing resources. Diamond Dust is used for buying weapon blueprints as well as some special items from the Black Market. You can earn limited amount of Diamond Dust from the Supply Packs.

Credits will be required to unlock various classes and buy supply packs and bundles that consists of armors, new weapons, armor cores, etc. To earn Credits in limited amounts, you can view in-game ads, participate in events, and complete the missions successfully. Moreover, Credits can be purchased with real-world currency or can be generated in abundance by using Modern Combat 5 Hack.     

How To Acquire XP?

XP is a valuable resource in the game that can be acquired by completing quests and 3-star objectives for certain missions. If you are in dire need of XP then you can replay the missions again that you have already completed successfully. Plenty of XP will enable you to customize your gaming character, procure powerful weapons, give access of some more classes, and much more. Another way to earn loads of XP is by going for headshots and shooting the enemies instantly or by destroying more than one enemy at a time.

Know Your Weapons:

The most important resource that you will need in Modern Combat 5 game will be powerful arms and ammunitions. There are innumerable weapons available in the game and all of them have specific features that make them different from the rest. It is important to know the pros and cons of your weapons so that you can use the right guns at the right time. Each gun has specific attribute in terms of providing damage to the opponent so understand it well. You should try to unlock as many powerful weapons as possible, because these will come handy in the battlefield.

A few Quick Tips To Make You Unbeatable In Modern Combat 5 Game:

  • Keep moving at high speed so that it becomes tough for your enemies to target you. On the other hand, it is easier to target stationary gamers so keep an eye on them. Ensure that you enable the auto-sprint feature in the controls option so that you can move faster.
  • There is a shortcut icon for throwing grenades on the enemies, so don’t forget to click on it when your opponent throws a grenade on you.
  • Beginners should practice the controls of the game properly in offline mode so that they can play and shoot as quickly as possible. This feature will let you face the enemies with confidence.
  • If you are playing single player game mode then ensure that you have enabled the auto aim and auto shoot feature so that you can hit the opponents accurately. However, these features are disabled in multiplayer game modes and you will have to rely on your aiming skills.
  • Always keep your weapons loaded otherwise you will get stuck up in between a fight. In case you do not have enough ammo, then swap your weapon instantly and save your gaming character from getting targeted.
  • Don't be shy and try Modern Combat 5 Hack for a better gaming experience.

Now that you have read some wonderful strategies as well as Modern Combat 5 Hack, use it and have an awesome time in shooting and surviving the gameplay.