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Modern Combat 5 Hack – Easiest Way To Cheat Currency

To become unbeatable in Gameloft SE’s new mobile title Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS, a quick go through from the essential tips, and some hints won’t harm you. As it is getting the intensely popular game with a plethora of quirky features, we created a quick guide for the beginners.


Apparently, we are putting a plethora of resources to bring you advanced tips to master the basics of the game and progressing at a faster rate. These tips mainly focus on easing up your gameplay strategy and staying one step ahead of others. Let’s explore –



  1. Moving at Turbo Speed

Moving at slow speed in this survival game is a big mistake. A newbie always stays on a quest because he/she doesn’t want to miss any essential thing in the way. Not getting shot by the enemy is also the priority here.

In any FPS game, mobility is the major priority, and you should be thinking about the same to progress through levels with ease. It can help with your success because the maps are small in such games. Traditional games usually have long maps that can take lots of time to cover.

Initially, you should prefer a slow pace to master the walking style and staying hidden. At this time, you can explore the simple things about the game. Once you are done with the mobility part, start moving at a higher speed, which will come in handy for sure.

Due to this, things become harder for enemies, and they need to target you in a hurry. This thing makes them miss, and you can know if someone is around shooting at you or not. Hiding is the best thing that you can do in such a situation.

You can adjust the speed from the control section of the game, and it will make your move at a pretty good speed. Meanwhile, you can try out the Modern Combat Mod APK because it has plenty of features like auto-aim, automatic reload, and more.

  1. Grenades and Throwback

Needless to mention that grenades can panic any gamer because everyone looks after escaping from the place. But, chances of getting damage and reduction in overall health are higher for sure.

To prevent this issue, you can pick up a grenade as the enemy throws at you and then return it back. This is not a safer choice, but it works perfectly, but if you can spot a grenade effectively in the way and taking down the enemy is an easy thing by this method.

There is a dedicated shortcut button that can help to pick up the grenade, but make sure that you hurry when you trace grenade thrown. If you trace it couple seconds lately, then run and try to hide behind something large.

  1. Accuracy and Reload

By doing some tweaks with the controls, you can enhance the overall accuracy in this game. As you are moving at a faster speed, you can control the sensitivity of swipe in this game, and it will help you take a proper headshot in an easier manner.

Taking over the opponent seems easy if you take precise shots. On the other hand, the possibility of adjusting the screen is an easy thing. You can find the settings in option many and check it out as per your gaming style.

On the other hand, you should not forget to reload weapon because if you don’t reload before the enemy arrives, then you can master this thing. Reload is a common thing that every other gamer forgets. That’s why it is important to look after it.

  1. Shooting in Combat Field

When you are playing in the combat field seems like one of the typical things, and if you want to progress effectively, then you must look after it. We suggest following the below mentioned some important tips that can help you move at a faster rate and become an advanced gamer.

  • Start by keeping a distance from others and looking on other sides also. If you don’t want scout properly, then chances of facing issues increases by many times. That’s why you should stay selective in this section.
  • When you are running out of ammo, then you need to stay bit specific while shooting. You can’t miss bullets. That’s why try taking headshot because it has the greatest damage, and taking over the enemy seems like an easy thing.
  • Do not rush if there are too many enemies. Slow down a little and hide properly. While going out to shot, move fast, and take your position to shot. In multiplayer mode, other players are going to help you out here.
  • If the enemy is shooting at you, try to move in the zigzag position. Running or sprinting in the same direction is easy to observe, and the opponent can shoot you easily. This is the major cause of ending a game, so you need to stay selective.

These are some easy to follow tips that can you can consider while playing in the combat field. It can help in several manners, and you can rely on it.

  1. Create A Squad

You can find a great squad, or you can create your own. By creating a squad, you just need to send an invitation, and playing in multiplayer mode is fun, that’s why you can consider it without any problem. Even, you can find a multiplayer combat feature in Modern Combat Mod APK and try it out.

For most of the gamers, we suggest playing in multiplayer mode and looking after some of the important strategies. This will make you one of the best gamers in a short period, and you can rely on it while going through the levels,

Bottom Line

After following the mentioned tips and using Modern Combat Mod APK, progressing at a faster rate seem like an easier thing. Make sure that you stay selective when trying out all-new weapons. I hope this guide will come in handy to go through the simple levels and becoming an advanced gamer in a short period.

Modern Combat 5 Hack

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